Thursday, October 15, 2009

Review: Friday

OK, here we go... I've finally somewhat gotten caught up on work, so here it goes....

Let me start by saying, Thursday before the wedding was busy busy busy. I got up early and drove the doggies up to Conover for boarding. Then ran a few last errands on my way home. I spent the rest of the day organizing, packing the suburban, and putting bouquets together. Then that evening when Jeremy came home from work, we finished packing the truck..... and car. Yes, we had to drive separate to our own wedding weekend... we simply had too much stuff!

So anyway- Friday, right, Friday, we were talking about Friday......

We got up early, showered and packed those last few items. We took off in two different directions. I was headed to Greensboro to pick up the cakes and cupcakes. We ordered them from Maxie B's, the bakery I worked at for 2.5 years while in college at UNCG. I arrived there shortly after 10AM, and had a nice visit with the ladies, picked up our goodies and off I went.

I made my next stop at Salem Kitchen, our catering company, to drop off our final payment. My last stop was Jersey Mikes, Jeremy requested I pick it up for lunch.

Finally..... I was on my way to Sertoma.

I had *planned* to spend 12-4 cleaning and decorating the chapel, hotel and rec hall. With the help of bridesmaid, Melanie and DOC, Jennifer, we unloaded the truck and car, and began working!

Jeremy's parents arrived, and his mom was really sick :-( So she steered clear of all of us! Meanwhile, him and his dad started hanging the white bed sheets around the porch.

I kept wondering where the rentals were (tables, chairs, plates, glasses.... all the jazz I rented for the reception) I had scheduled them for delivery between 1-2 PM..... it was past 2 at this point. I call them, "Oh well, we weren't told you needed them at a certain time, just that you needed them today, they just packed the truck and will be pulling out shortly"

fast forward 2 more hours.... still no rentals..... I call again. "They just left with the truck"

5:30 PM the rentals show up.... LATE.... but thank God.

We start the rehearsal late (the preacher was late, so it all worked out anyway).
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We eat dinner and distribute gifts.
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We then had everyone pitch in and help us set up the reception.... which should have been done that afternoon.... but with no tables, you can't really do much!

Melanie- filling the photo screen with pictures of our parents weddings.
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taking a break from decorating for a photo!
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We get the tables up, and the chairs up..... and that's when I look around and realize we don't have enough chairs!!!! I ordered 115.... they only delivered 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At that point I swipe someones cell phone to leave the bitchy-ist voice mail ever on the rental companies "emergency voice mail" (of which I NEVER got a return call). I knew they opened at 8 the next day, so I made a mental note to call them again in the morning.

We proceeded to dress the tables and continue decorating. We finished about 9:15 that night.... I thought it was much much later.... but realized it wasn't too late when I got in the car to drive to our hotel.

Once we arrived at the hotel, I checked in, and went up to our room with my two roommates, Liz and Nicole. They'd given me a king room- not a king suite. So back to the front desk we went, and they fixed it (later I found out that Jeremy was also only given a regular King room and didn't know it was wrong)

Then the bridesmaids (minus my sister) made a trip to walmart, and harris teeter for supplies and champagne!

We spent the evening eating cheese puffs, trail mix and drinking champagne.

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Jennifer said...

Yay for wedding post!

Your wedding gift is officially on its way. Sorry for the delay. And I have your pie pan. The pumpkin pie was delicious, thanks for sharing!!